Mgr. BcA. Darina Hlinková


photographer, university teacher, PhD student and now trainee in Reykjavík Museum of Photography
living in Brno (Czech Republic), now staying in Reykjavík:-)
trained in NY by american phototherapists Ellen Fisher Trunk and Dina Veksler
focused on adult and elderly education, stage and fashion photography and photo therapy
Give me back my bone
In past times, people from countryside used to take light with them to cowshed in winter. It was a single lamp called kola. The kola had a lighted wick and fish oil to feed a fire.
One winter, a girl named Gudrún, who was working at the farm, broke this lamp called kola. She was very unhappy so she took a part of human skull, she found in a graveyard, instead.
On New Year´s Eve, when she carried her skull light to cowshed again, she heard a voice saying: “Give me back my bone, Gunna!” Girl was looking around her but nobody was there. After a while she heard a voice again and again, so she replied: “Then come and get it!” She threw the skull in the direction where she had heard the voice. And she has never heard the voice again.
Ghost kiss
One day, the grave diggers found enormous human bone. The girl, who was working in the pastor´s household, saw the bone and remarked:” It would have been fun to kiss him when he was alive!” Then she went back to her work.
In the evening, pastor asked girl to bring him a book he had left in a church. The girl had a reputation that she is not afraid of the dark.
When the girl entered the church, she saw a man in the dark, waiting for her. He told her:” You promised me a kiss, didn´t you?”
There are two versions what happened. Fist one says, that girl with no fear kissed the ghost and never saw him again.
The second version says that she was so frightened that she ran in a panic out of the church and never was the same again.
Sitting on the crossroads
In past, people did a specific ritual to cause a spirit. The reason was, they wanted to ask for they own future. There was need to do this ritual exact day, mostly on New Year´s Eve or on St. John´s Day.
They took a cat, mostly grey, then any kind of skin, can be from seal, sheep or bull, and axe. At midnight they had to lie on the crossroad, cover themselves with skin and wait for the ghost. They had to know also special formulas how to cause a spirit.
When spirit came, they asked him for things they wanted to know, about future or past, about themselves or about anybody else. They had to be very careful, if they look for a short while to right or left or if they fell asleep, the spirit took a terrible revenge on them.
Dead man does not need a knife
In past times, there was a farm near the sea, where husband and wife lived happily for many years. They were more about money than about spiritual life. One day, man went fishing. It was during the Christmas Eve.
Wife cooked festive dinner and put prepared meal into pantry. After a while she heard a terrible noise from the pantry. When she entered, she saw her husband eating meal with his hands. She was disgusted by his behavior and said: “Why don´t you use knife while eating?”
The man replied: “Dead man does not need a knife...”
Death on the island Grímsey
One night, the young widow had a dream, that unknown man came to her and squeezed a blood from his cap. He told her to tell everybody in the morning, that he had died in the mountains. In the morning, the widow did so, but nobody was mourning, because everybody in the village knew, the man wasn´t good.
There was a couple, many years ago. They loved each other so much. One winter, the man had to leave for a year to work on the sea. Around Christmas, the young woman started to have very life dreams about her husband. He was describing what he experienced on the sea. She lived more in dreams than in normal life. One day, she told the old wise woman from the farm about her dreams and about her wish to stay only dreaming.
Old wise woman told her that she would help her. The next night the young woman saw her husband behind the window. He was very unhappy, telling her: “Why did you lock the door? We could be still lovers in our dreams but now I don´t came back ever again!”
When young woman wake up, she wanted to kill herself. Fortunately, people from farm stopped her and after longer time, she started to live adequately and never had dreams about her dead husband again.
Dirty tricks can´t stay unpunished
One day, gravediggers destroyed old grave at the cemetery, to dig new one. The men found a skull with knitting-needle inside. When pastor saw it, he decided to investigate, what had happened. He asked all the people from the village to come to the church. He put the skull on the church doors and watched properly everybody who went out of the church after mass. But nothing extraordinary happened.
When pastor entered church to check if nobody else sat there, he saw old woman who was hiding herself behind the door. When she stepped out of the church, three blood drops from skull fell on her. She said very resignedly: “Dirty tricks can´t stay unpunished.” She confided that she killed her husband with knitting-needle when she was young because he was cruel to her and she didn´t want to marry him. Because she prepared the body to coffin, nobody suspected her.
Nobody knows what happened with old woman after. It is said that they drowned her to punish her.
Ghost from Bakki
One day, a farmer from Bakki asked pastor´s daughter to marry him. Unfortunately, he was refused. He was so unhappy and finally died of his sorrow.
Some months later, pastor´s daughter started to change. Nobody knew what was wrong with her. She told her old nanny that unknown man visited her every night and she realized that she was pregnant. The unknown man also told her that baby would have very sad life.
When nanny heard the story, she went immediately to cemetery to find a grave of dead farmer. She put a ball of wool on the grave and started to knit. People believed if you put anything on the grave, ghost can´t go back. When ghost of the farmer came, he was very angry, because he couldn´t lie back in his grave. The nanny told him to explain her all story. Farmer´s ghost admitted he was the father of pastor´s daughter child and also that the child would be a priest and when he would say a mess for the first time the whole church with people would slump down. “There could be only one rescue” he added” if somebody stabs priest before his first words.” Nanny took her ball of wool from the grave, ghost lied back and she cursed him not to step out anymore.
The child of pastor´s daughter was very promising, became soon a priest. When there was going to be his first mass, nanny told her own son to stab him before he would say a word. And so he did. The panic started at the church, people wanted to kill the murder. When people realized that there was only a half of priest after the attack, they admitted something were wrong. After this happened, the church in Bakki was crooked and from time to time it ghosted there.
Mother mine, don't weep, weep
There was once a girl who was a servant on a farm. She had become pregnant, had given birth to her child, and had put it in the open to die, as was not uncommon in Iceland, even though harsh penalties of outlawry or death were imposed for such crimes. Some time after, it so happened that there was to be one of those parties with dancing and mumming which were once so common in Iceland and were called vikivaki. But she did not posses any showy and expensive dresses good enough for such a merry gathering as a vikivaki used to be in the old days, and she was a girl who was fond of finery, she was very upset to think that she would have to stay at home and miss the dancing.
One day, at the time when the dance was being held, this servant girl was busy with some other women milking ewes in the sheep-fold, and began telling another milkmaid how she had no clothes to go to the vikivaki in. As soon as she has finished speaking, they both hear this verse, spoken by a voice from under the wall of the sheep-fold:

Mother mine, don't weep, weep,
As you milk the sheep, sheep;
I can lend you my rags to you,
So you'll go a-dancing too,
You'll go a-dancing too.

The girl who had put her child out to die thought she had had a message from it, and this verse impressed her so deeply that for the rest of her life she was never in her right mind.
Husband´s soul
Once upon a time, there was a lazy, good-for-nothing fellow whose reputation was anything but savoury. Nevertheless his old woman loved him and when he was on his deathbed she began to fear for his immortal soul. She took a skin bag and held it over his face. When he died, his soul was caught in it. After that she tied the mount of the bag, so that the soul should not escape, and set off on the long road that leads from Iceland to the Golden Gate of Heaven.
Fist, she met St Peter, and after him, St Paul and the Virgin Mary; but none of them admitted her Jón into Heaven, and each closed the gate in front of her face. The old woman told them a few home truths when they refused to admit Jón’s soul. She reminded St Peter of his denial of his master, and St Paul of his persecution of God and Christian men, and the Virgin of her child born out of wedlock.
The fourth time she knocked, Christ himself came to the gate; but he also refused to admit such a sinful soul. But before he shuts the gate, the old woman managed to through the bag containing her
husband’s soul through into Heaven.

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