Mgr. BcA. Darina Hlinková


photographer, university teacher, PhD student and now trainee in Reykjavík Museum of Photography
living in Brno (Czech Republic), now staying in Reykjavík:-)
trained in NY by american phototherapists Ellen Fisher Trunk and Dina Veksler
focused on adult and elderly education, stage and fashion photography and photo therapy
The Sealskin
One day, man found in mountains near sea cliffs a cave. He heard sounds of dancing and singing from inside the cave, while outside it, there were a lot of sealskins. He took one and carried to his home.
Later when he went by the cave again, he saw young, very beautiful woman sitting there naked and crying. She was the seal whose skin man took day before. He decided to take her to his home.
After some time he married her and they had seven children. The man always kept a sealskin locked away and carried the key with him wherever he went.
One day, he went fishing and forgot the key under his pillow. When he returned home, the trunk, where he put sealskin, was opened and his wife was gone. His children told him that she put on sealskin and jumped directly to the sea, saying: “Of two minds must I be, I have seven children in the sea and seven more on land.”
Seal mother never come back to him and their children again.
One day man fish out from the sea half-animal half-troll being, called Marbendill. It didn´t speak, so fisherman took him home.
When he entered his house, his wife kissed the man and he behaved very nice to her. The dog welcomed the fisherman too but he kicked him away. When Marbendill saw it, it laughed a lot. When the fisherman went back to see, he stumbled over the stone and fell down. He was very angry at that stone, didn´t understand why anybody put it there. Then Marbendill laughed again.
The fisherman arrested Marbendill for three days when sellers of shoes came to his house. The fisherman ever had bought shoes of high quality, so he decided to buy the most expensive ones with thick sole, to resist longer time. Marbendill was laughing again.
After that Marbendill told a fisherman that he was stupid. Fisherman didn´t understand why, so he promised to take Marbendill back to sea, if he told him the point.
When Marbendill entered sea, he said to fisherman: “You are stupid, because your dog would die for you and you kicked it, on the other hand your wife has a lover but you adore her and the stone, you stumbled over is magic, because there was a treasure under it.” The fisherman was surprised and Marbendill added: “And you should´t buy those shoes with thick sole to resist longer, because you die soon. “
Marbendill disappeared and what said, really happened.
Vilborg and Herjolfur
Herjolfur lived in a valley, called Herjolfsdalur. He had a daughter,who's name was Vilborg.
Herjólfur claimed to him self a waterwheel which was in the valley. He sold water to other people from the waterwheel. Vilborg didn't like how her father treated the people.
One day Vilborg was sitting outside making shoes.Then there came a raven. The raven took one of the shoe and flew away.
Vilborg followed the raven but every time Vilborg cought up with the raven he flew farther. When she was far away from the farm a landslide fell from the mountain. Vilborg's father was inside the farm and he died.The raven was to be thanked that Vilborg was alive. Maybe he was paying back all the food she gave him when he was hungry.
Later Vilborg built a farm, named "Vilborgarstadir".There was a little pond. The pond's name was Vilpa. Vilborg gave all the people on the island water from the pond.

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