Mgr. BcA. Darina Hlinková


photographer, university teacher, PhD student and now trainee in Reykjavík Museum of Photography
living in Brno (Czech Republic), now staying in Reykjavík:-)
trained in NY by american phototherapists Ellen Fisher Trunk and Dina Veksler
focused on adult and elderly education, stage and fashion photography and photo therapy

Sorcerers and Magicians

Bewitched ride
One day, there lived young pastor. He had very beautiful and young wife, who he loved so much. But there was something wrong with his wife. Every year, on Christmas Eve, she didn´t want to go to church and disappeared, nobody knew where.
One winter day, young guy started to work at pastor´s farm. Gossips said, he was very clever and saw what other people couldn´t see. The evening before Christmas Eve, he went into stable to curry horses. Postor´s wife came to him and started to chat. When he wasn´t concentrated she took a bridle and put it on him. That bridle was magic and he had to take the wife wherever she wanted on his back, like a horse.
After a long ride, they came to a small farm in the mountains. The wife knocked a door and entered with a strange man in a house. The young guy managed to get out of the bridle and climbed up the roof to see what was going on through chimney.
He saw twelve beautiful women sitting around table with the strange man. They adored him and he was asking each from them what kind of magic they knew. The pastor´s wife started to talk about her new magic, how to change man into a horse. The strange man complimented her for her knowledge and started to teach them new magic from the grey book with fire letters.
In the morning, every woman gave to a strange man small bottle with blood. He drank it with joy. Every woman took her own bride and left the strange man. Finally, the pastor´s wife wanted to get back the same way as before, but young guy took a bridle and put it on the wife. She had to carry him then to pastor´s house.
The young guy told everything to pastor and he put a pressure on his wife. She admitted that she went to Back Magic School and devil tough them how to practice witchcraft. After that she experienced how angry can the pastor be.
Don´t forget to bite a thread
When the old magician Finn died, there was nobody, nor man, nor woman, who wanted to redress him into funeral costume and sew him up into a sack. Finally, one brave woman was found and she decided to try it. She was nearly finished but unfortunately she became crazy. Then her sister came and she finished her work. When she was ending with sewing, Finn told her: “Don´t forget to bite a thread!”
Suprisingly, she wasn´t scared and answered: “I don´t care, damn!” And she torn a thread, broke a needle and put the both pieces of needle into Finns feet. It is known, when you deal with the dead magician like this, he can´t harm anybody anymore.
There was a farmer, called Ólafur, who was very keen of black magic. One day, he was passing by a cemetery and he saw a man fighting with a resuscitated dead body. The man was nearly defeated, but Ólafur advised him to bite the dead body into its breast. When he did so, he won.
After that, the man started to be jealous that Ólafur knew more than him. So he sent another ghost on Ólafur to revenge. When Ólafur saw the ghost, he caught it into a bone and hid it into a chest. He asked his daughter to burn the bone after his death. He advised her also never, in any case, put the plug outside of bone.
When Ólafur died, his daughter was very curious what is hidden in the bone, so she put the plug outside. Suddenly, the ghost woman appeared in the room and asked her what to do. His daughter was very surprised but didn´t panic. She told the ghost to kill the farmer Guðmund. She knew that he was very good at black magic so he could defeat the ghost.
When ghost arrived to Guðmund, he was already prepared, so ghost had no chance to win. From that time, ghost was walking in the mountains and killed animals.
Magician Sæmund
There was a school of black magic. There wasn´t so many students, because people knew, that you couldn´t leave school at least for one year and when you decided to leave, you could´t be the last one. If you are the last one, something kills you.
One day, very clever student called Sæmund, wanted to leave the school. He decided to escape with his friends and didn´t want to let anybody from his group die. When he went outside as the last one, he put on a coat filled with other dresses. Something invisible grabbed the coat and Sæmund could escape. Then Sæmund took his own and his friends shoes and filled them with water. After that they carried the shoes upper their heads the whole day. Devil at the black school thought they had drowned. The next day, Sæmund put salt water from sea into their shoes. The devil thought they had been washed-up to the sea. The last day Sæmund filled shoes with mud and grass. Devil thought, people had found their dead bodies and buried them. Finally, devil let them be and Sæmund could practice what he had taught at black magic school.
Bowl with two spoons
There was a woman who had a lover. One day, her husband came back in the morning to his house for something he had forgotten. Suddenly he saw somebody sleeping near his wife in the bed. He didn´t say anything, decided to have a talk with his wife in the evening. His wife saw her too, but pretended she was sleeping. She was really scared, so she went for advice to clever Margréte. She advised her to bring her husband a bowl with two spoons. When she did so, her husband told her that he hadn´t two mouth to eat with two spoons. “I thought you would like to eat it with that woman who was with you in the morning here, cutting grass with you”, she replied. The husband replied that there was no woman. Wife pretended to be surprised and said: “That is possible, it happens, that wife or husband is sometimes wrong, getting confused. “ Her husband thought afterwards that it was also him who was confused in the morning when he saw his wife with the man a let it be.

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