Mgr. BcA. Darina Hlinková


photographer, university teacher, PhD student and now trainee in Reykjavík Museum of Photography
living in Brno (Czech Republic), now staying in Reykjavík:-)
trained in NY by american phototherapists Ellen Fisher Trunk and Dina Veksler
focused on adult and elderly education, stage and fashion photography and photo therapy

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Dear Darina and George! Thank you very much for such an amazing opportunity, it has definitely highlighted my time of exchange here in Reykjavik. When George approached Karolina and me in one of the cafes downtown I would have never thought that something this amazing will come out out of this! Thank you very much for making it possible to feel like someone else-like a creature out of this world - for at least one hour and for great company! Take care and good luck with all your projects!
What to say? :) It was really amazing time that I spent with you and also with George, you know the guy from another world with such unusual ideas in his lovely dairy :D :D I am glad that I had an opportunity to participate in this project and I wanna do it again one day. I was enjoying all the time before, during and after the photo shooting. Good luck!!! smiley
Dear Darinka, thank you for the lovely time during both the first meeting and the shooting. I love all of these pictures and even more, I love the idea of the whole project as such. Made me think for a while. To anyone who still hesitates whether to take a part or not, just one short message: Don´t! You´ll never regret it. smiley

Good luck with your next amazing work! smiley
hi dar. thank you so much for offering me interesting experience and of course great picture. it was a really nice time with u. thank u again. and good luck with the rest of project :)
My dear Darina, my dear George.
When the Lionboy addressed me in the windy streets of Reykjavík, I didn't expect something so very great behind this project! But when I finally met you, Darina, I knew, that there was something wonderful was going on, and I was part of it. Darina gave me the chance to feel, act and look not just like an elve (oh, how long this was a dream of mine!!!) but also at the very best i can. Darina will make you feel beautiful. She will make you feel welcome, familiar, special. George will treat you like a lady and make you laugh all the time.
Darina found a great place to shoot and made me look beautiful.
I really recommend joining the project - if you're icelandic ore from abroad. Treating the old fairytales is fun and, come on, when will you get the chance again to embody a ghost, elve, troll oder something even more magical?

Darina - I wish you two all the best for your final weeks in Reykjavík and hopefully, we will meet again. Wherever in this or another world ;)

Dearest Darina, dear George,
it is hard to find words to express how grateful I am to have had the chance to participate in this great project! Thank you ever so much for everything!!! It was such an amazing experience and the results just blew me away! So beautiful! You’re such a talented and inspiring person!
Moreover, I think it was a fantastic chance to engage with Icelandic culture and get closer to its heart and soul. I’d recommend joining the project to everybody, there is nothing to be worried about. The shooting itself went very smoothly, really uncomplicated. No need to be nervous or something like that; I actually felt really comfortable and was able to let myself go – which usually isn’t anything I can do easily! But it just felt natural and I had this feeling of belonging there, some kind of connection to the surrounding…
So thank you again, I hope we’ll meet again soon. Wishing you all the best for the project and your final weeks in Iceland!
Take well care,
I had a wonderful time and I am very happy with the picture. It was all together a great experience and something I would never have done with out your project. Thanks guys :)
Dear Darina and George!!! Thank u guys for this opportunity. I thought this was a fun and interesting experience and i would love to do it again :) This is totally nothing to be afraid of: the project it self is interesting, the stories u have picked are good, u´re a talented photographer and over all it was very fun to try something new! Can´t wait to see more photos from the project!
Darina and George, I can't thank you enough. One day I am walking down the streets of Reykjavik, the next I'm looking back at a lens from all I know now, from the first months of my life of seeing everything new. What I loved most about this session was how it became a somewhat "crossroads" to the end of my travels. For me, Iceland was meant to be the week where I would prepare myself to head home, to return after having months and months of going, seeing, admiring, and being among what I didn't know. Now I faced a transition, and for me that was this shoot. Posing for the pictures was a reflection of all I had learned this summer, of being on my own, and in a few days it would be time to go back. The wonderful inspiration it brought me is knowing there are two sides to everything. It's okay if I see one side more than the other, but there's always the choice of choosing where you want to be and in this fairytale, Una had the same of two worlds. She had what everyone saw her to be and then the time and place where she felt safe and where there was more to her story, more than she appeared. I am thankful I had this opportunity to see how far I'd come, to view myself outside of myself. Darina and George, not only did you give me another new experience, but you gave me a moment that I will always value as having played a part in my transformation.
17.05.2012 16:40:46
Darina Hlinková

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